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HOMAN Air Seeders   
Warm Air Distribution
Air used for conveying materials is first warmed as it passes through the oil cooler (optional on some models) to efficiently handle nitrogenous type fertilizers such as urea, DAP and MAP in all weather conditions. The cooled oil also aids the operation of your tractor.
  Lower doors locked with overlockers
Easy to remove for cleaning or for test pan checking of seeding rates

Easy Access
Simply remove four wing nuts to extract fluted rollers through side of meter box. No laying under machine to make changes (no more fertilizer in your face).
  (Optional Electric metering)
Interfaces with Kee technologies monitors & sensors
Fluted Rollers
For accurate seed dispensing. Visible and easily accessed through removable perspex window
 Durable & Reliable

Stainless Steel Distributors

Never worry about corrosion again! Corrosion proof poly hopper bins and stainless steel meter box provides efficent seeding and fertilising in row-cropping and broad acre situations..... ideal for zero till.
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to adjust Seed & Fertiliser Rate

Poly Hopper Bins

Poly Hopper is semi-transperant to always allow visibility of product levels.

See Options & Attachments....

 High Performance that's easy to use:

Feeder Hoses The Stainless Steel seed metering mechanism is designed for single or double chuting for those applications where seeds and fertilizer cannot be mixed Rotors inside the metering system give accurate seed delivery. Visable and easily accessable through removable perspex window. Hydraulically driven fan. The warm air from the oil cooler dissipates any moisture condensation in the hoppers.
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