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Homan Disc Openers

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Double Disc Opener

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Low Profile Double Disc Opener

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HOMAN Zero Till planting equipment means that farmers can produce more for less, with fewer inputs as well as savings on diesel fuel, tractor time and conserving irrigation water. Now, all a farmer needs to own is a HOMAN zero till planter, a boom sprayer, and a lower horse power tractor.
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The versatile design of HOMAN Disc Openers supports the flexible requirements of today’s farming practices.

The Advantages of Homan Disc Planters

  • Precise and consistent depth of seed placement
  • Minimal disturbance of soil, and minimal loss of moisture
  • Ability to plant through large amounts of residual stuble, including total stuble cover

HOMAN Zero Till Planting provides the complete easy to use solution from planter units to Air Seeder, set up ready to begin zero till planting.