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Fully Equipped to Change Regrowth to Pasture in One Pass
  • Wear resistant tip to protect leading edge of blade.
  • Wear resistant plate to protect all wearing surfaces.
  • Guards and shields to protect hydraulic pipes.
  • Automatic melon-hole float for working in melon holes.
  • Pitch control arm is hinged to allow the plough to be transported without an escort.
  • Depth indicator to show ploughing depth.
  • Large Capacity Seeder drum that allows for a full day's planting on just one fill with most varieties. Buffel compartment will hold a full bag.

  • Heavy duty bearings and shafts fitted to the seeder drum

  • Separated compartments in each seeder drum to allow for a total of six varieties of pasture to be planted at the one time.

  • Hydraulic or mechanical drive for the seeder.
  • Deflector plates that prevent pasture seeds from falling through plough
  • Heavy duty bushed pin connections on heavy duty hydraulic rams. Fully protected from falling timber.
  • Very heavy duty swivel pull
  • Cutting width is nominated cutting width plus overlap ie. 4m plough actually has a cutting width of nearly 4.5m
  • Bolt on wing sections that allow width to be varied in hard or soft soils.
  • Original design Homan cutting edges available in 12mm or 16mm thickness.
  • Heavy duty wheel bearings

  • Heavy duty steel wheels.
  • Heavy duty wheel pivot points with stop blocks that stop wheels from over centre.
  • Shark fin lifters to improve the kill of woody roots.
  • Hinged tongue for working in undulating ground
      All Homan ploughs have a minimum weight factor of 2.5 tonnes per metre. This is necessary to get proper depth in hard soils.

    Standard features of the Series 100 Blade Plough Standard Features of the 200-600 Series Blade Plough:

    A blade plough designed specifically for 120 - 220 HP dozers to suit smaller applications without compromising quality.

    • 2.7m cutting width
    • steel wheels
    • 5.5 tonne basic weight


    • bolt-on extensions to 3m or 3.3m
    • 800mm seeder (electric or mechanical)
    • melon hold float system
    • drawbar swivel pull.

    • Melon-hold float
    • Steel wheels
    • Swivel pull
    • Seeder drum (mechanical or electrical)
    • Bolt-on extensions
    Model HP Required Cutting Width Approx. Weight
    200 Series 200 - 280 HP 3.2 - 3.7 m 08.9 tonnes
    300 Series 250 - 350 HP 4.3 - 4.8 m 12.0 tonnes
    400 Series 300 - 410 HP 4.8 - 5.3 m 14.5 tonnes
    500 Series 380 - 550 HP 5.4 - 6.5 m 17.5 tonnes
    600 Series 550 - 650 HP 5.8 - 6.5 m 22.0 tonnes

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