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In 1997 Dick O'Connell purchased a Homan Plough to initiate a woody weed control and pasturre development program.

After ploughing some 5000 acres of "Wombula", which is located west of Cunnamulla in Western Queensland, Dick found that the considerable amount of pasture he produced multiplied the number of livestock he was able to carry on the property. This in turn required improved fencing and increased watering facilities and other infrastructire. A ploughing program is great but one must also cater to manage the increased productivity and on a large property such as Wombula the infrastructure required can be substantial.

Dick recently sent in some photos to demonstrate his results on Wombula. He says the photos are "fairly self explanatory. All were taken in March 2000 with the photos of the unploughed land showing a total lack of ground cover despite the good season". He expects he has achieved at least 10 times the sustainable production from the ploughed areas.

"The paddock shown is resting at present after being fed off." Dick recently told us, "However, it only needs an inch of rain and some warm weather and we will get more use out of it before years end. Prior to ploughing it was not properly feeding a sheep to 20 acres."

Dick said that this year he is getting very good grass growth on the ploughed ground as a result of the rainfall received. This contrasts with the undeveloped areas which have received the same rainfall but have not produced any useful feed. The ploughing is very handy in average and below average years and will certainly assist to drought proof "Wombula" and provide high production in the better years.

Dick is convinced the Homan Ploughing and pasturing System is the solution to his woody weed problem and is now investing in substantial further development of "Wombula".


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