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HOMAN Low Profile Disc Planter
Fits Under Combine
  • The HOMAN Low Profile Disc Opener offers famers who want to switch to zero till, without spending up on a completely new rig, a more affordable option.

  • Homans have satisfied a niche market with its recently released low profile disc opener and press wheel conversion kits that can be fitted to existing combines.

  • These units make light work of slicing through the stubble and sowing straight into the unprepared soil.

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Fitted with double disk openers and press wheels, the rugged conversion kit implements have been increasing market share in southern and central NSW and southern Queensland. Seen here fitted under an international 511 to provide a 24 row disc opener combine seeder. The low profile disc opener accomodates farmers who do not want to spend bigger dollars or more on a full air seeder and disc opener unit.    

 Rugged & Reliable Zero Till

Retain Soil Moisture
The great advantage of zero till is its ability to hold moisture in the soil while you plant.

The Homan low profile disc openers are rugged are reliable and when fitted to your existing combine are the affordable option for switching to zero till.

Quantity and quality of crops are dependent upon the water and mineral cycles. Experience is showing that zero till maximises the effect of these cycles and the return on the crop sown.

Easy to fit to your existing combine.

The Homan low profile disc opener kits can be mounted under a variety of combine models, This will give a conservation tillage machine that's ideal to sow wheat, barley or grazing crops on smaller to mid-sized cropping farms.

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