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Root Raking Plough

Clearing Roots From Cultivation Land

A heavy duty, multi purpose, tyned agricultural implement which can till the soil to make it ready for planting simultaneously with eradicating the sticks and the roots from the soil.
In its primary application the Homan Root Raking Plough is intended to follow after our heavy duty Blade Plough or Cutter-bar. The tynes can be arranged in a single row and will plough to the full depth of the tilled soil. The angle of the tynes allow the soil to flow through but arrests the roots and sticks.

As timber is collected the tipping action allows the sticks and roots to be left in windrows which can either be burnt or further raked into heaps and dozed off the paddock.


The Raking Plough is designed to fold down for ease of transporting. An escort is not required.