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HOMAN Toolbar

3 Point Linkage Toolbar

  • Folding Toolbar Arms for travel and storage
  • Heavy Duty Hubs
  • Heavy Duty Tyres
  • Folding Markers

    Designed for durability and performance with the following applications:


Single Disc Planter units

  • Comfortably handle 15" oe 375mm spacings on single row
  • Handle to 10" or 250mm spacing on double row trailing configurations

Double Disc Planter units

  • Staggered row units on single beam
  • Handle down to 8" 200mm spacings

Jet Tech Toolbar Air Seeder

  • Complete easy to use modern planting system

Homan 3Point Linkage Toolbar

fitted with:

  • Hydraulic markers.
  • Trailing Homan Airseeder.
  • 20 Homan Single Disk Openers.



Homan "Sentinel" Heavy Duty 8 Metre 3Point Linkage Folding Toolbar

fitted with:

  • Folding wings,
  • Toolbar mounted 3 bIn Homan Airseeder.
  • Liquid Fertiliser Tank.
  • Additional small seed meter box.
  • Optional tube conveyor for filling and emptying seed in durable poly hoppers seed bins.
  • 32 Homan HD250 double disc openers with double press wheels.
  • "Kee" technologies logic control system.
  • Easy to transport.



Homan "Monarch" Heavy Duty 12 Meter Trailing Toolbar

fitted with:

  • Flotation Folding wings to assist with flotation on uneven ground.
  • 36 HD250 Double disc openers with double press wheels.
  • Heavy duty castor wheel parallel lift assemblies.