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AutoBaler 1000
Fully Automatic
Cardboard Baling Press

  • Automatic Operation,
  • Automatic bale tying
  • Automatic bale ejection

  • Significantly reduce the storage space and handling time required for your recyclable or waste material.
    TYPICAL SPECIFICATIONS (Adapted to individual Needs)
  • Length 3920mm (or up to 4230mm)
  • Height 2430mm
  • Width 975mm
  • Weight approx. 2300kg
  • Load Chamber: 700 x 700 x open height
  • Bale Length 1000mm
  • (factory set to various length)
  • Bale Size: 800 x 600
  • Bale density: approx 200 kg/m3 (depends on material)
  • Capacity: up to 1000kg/hour (depends on loading)
  • Motor Size: 7.5KW, 415V, 1440rmp electric motor
  • Controller: Hitachi H-40 Programmable Controller

  • The Autobaler 1000 has been designed specifically for operation in an environment where safety, noise reduction and reliability are of great importance. The Autobaler is a continuous discharge baling press with a 3 wire, vertical automatic tie. Ease of operation is one of many features of this baler; all the operator need do is feed the cardboard or other material into the hopper (load chute). When enough cardboard or paper has been added, the completed bale automatically exits from the end of the baler, tied and ready for transporting.

    Regional Council M.R.F. (Materials Recycling Facility)